Summer 2021

Page Turner Adventures Virtual Summer Library Program (Available until September 2021)

Week Four: Celebrity Critters (Final Week)

Show Day: The Pawcademy Awards

Craft Day: Celebrity Paw Prints

Author/Illustrator Day

Mashup Day: Read Aloud

Guest Day: Wesley Williams Puppy Pals

Join Storyologists, Page Turner and Kenny as they jump into the Once Upon a Time Machine in search of stories and adventure. Along the way, you’ll participate in awesome shows, create fun crafts, make delicious recipes, and meet some amazing guests. It’s going to be a WILD SUMMER filled with lots of laughs, wonder, imagination, creativity, and, of course, BOOKS. Because… WHEN YOU READ, EVERY DAY IS AN ADVENTURE!

Week Three: Pet Pals

Show Day: “Such a Library”

Craft Day: Pet Pals Pop-up Books

Author/Illustrator Day

Mashup Day: Open Face Sandwiches

Guest Day: Jaime Katz, Pet Detective

Week Two: Fish Tales

Show Day: Ocean’s Got Talent

Craft Day: Printed Ocean Scenes

Author/Illustrator Day

Mashup Day: Coffee Filter Fish

Guest Day: Japanese Storyteller Day

Week One: Farmyard Friends

Show Day: Myrtle Over the Moon

Author/Illustrator Day

Craft Day: Cow Over the Moon

Guest Day: Farmer Kamal Bell

Mashup Day: Clucking Chicken Cups